How long does the Galaxy S10 + battery last and how long does it take to charge?

It's time to talk about the Samsung Galaxy S10 + battery. This is an exciting topic that needs attention. Especially,

we all know how relevant the issue is todayfast discharge of smartphones. If you want to know how much the Samsung Galaxy S10 + is charging and how long its battery lasts, read below the detailed battery test results and comparison with competitors.

Battery life

The new Samsung Galaxy S10 + has under the hood4100 mAh battery. Therefore, we expect to see a high battery life result. The test as always was done by bloggers from one foreign resource. And before testing the battery, they spent about two weeks with the phone and were satisfied with the battery life.

Indeed, in the daily life of SamsungGalaxy S10 + shows excellent running time, but not the best. The smartphone is quite enough for the whole day, only towards late evening you will see a red battery on the screen. And this is in the context of active interaction. If you are not often used mobile phone, you will be enough for him and a half days.

Now go directly to the test, whicheach time takes place in the same conditions. As you know, the Samsung Galaxy S10 + comes with different processor versions. As part of the experiment, there was a version with an Exynos chip. Only in the American versions of the flagship, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor is used. Of course, this also affects the running time. Snapdragon devices have a slightly better battery life.

The battery test results you can see ondiagram below. Indicator Samsung Galaxy S10 + - 7 hours 59 minutes. Not bad, considering that most modern phones have about the same average. But the increase in battery life compared with last year's models can not exactly wait. And I would like to ...

Charging time

Another important aspect is how much timecharging Samsung Galaxy S10 +. Included in the novelty is an adaptive fast charger 15 watts. With it, you can charge the Galaxy S10 + for 1 hour and 40 minutes. By the way, today there are quite a few smartphones on the market that can be quickly charged, so here we are not particularly impressed. But the fact that the quick charger comes with the phone is good. Apple, for example, needs to buy it separately.

Well, what is your opinion on the test results of the new Samsung Galaxy S10 + battery? Are you satisfied with his performance or expect more?