How long will the VKontakte application already installed on the iPhone keep working

Over the past two weeks, Russian iPhone owners have faced two major blockings at once. From

2GIS and VKontakte applications have disappeared from the App Store.

At the moment, access to iOS versions of these twoservices have only those users who managed to download them before the ban. But even they have a question - how long these applications will be able to keep working.

The director answered this question.Association of Professional Users of Social Networks and Messengers Vladimir Zykov. According to him, the work of 2GIS and VKontakte on the iPhone depends only on the relevance of the installed version for the current version of iOS.

Approximately, after the application is removed from the App Store, it can live for about 2-3 more years. There are so many users of Russian remote software.

Then, if users actively updatetheir devices to the latest versions, problems with support for the current application may begin there ... It may not open, it may “buggy”, it may throw the user out, some functions may not work correctly.

Vladimir Zykov