How many cups of coffee can you drink with hypertension

It is known that coffee can affect blood pressure. But it also depends on the number of cups drunk. Discuss

Representatives of the German Heart Centernote that hypertensive patients can drink coffee. But in moderate doses. At most, they can drink about four to five cups of the drink a day, which contains 400 mg of caffeine.

It is also important to keep pressure under control. It is recommended to measure it before (half an hour) and after drinking coffee.

More recent research shows thatpeople with high blood pressure will experience a neutral or positive effect of coffee when drinking three to four cups a day. It is reported by Medical News Today.

According to a study published in 2016, all types of coffee do increase blood pressure. But it remains within the normal range. Also, this effect was temporary.

Another review showed that with regulardrinking no more than three cups of coffee per day does not increase the likelihood of developing hypertension. At the same time, the pressure indicators still increase slightly in this case.

Dr. Francisco López Jimenez of the Mayo Clinic advises hypertensive patients not to drink coffee before exercise.

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