How many times a day should small children eat: the pediatrician answers

Young parents often do not know how many times a day to feed a small child. According to the doctor

Sanjeev Jane, it depends on how quickly the baby becomes hungry. Discuss

Pediatrician Sanjiv Jain emphasizes that it is best to feed the baby every time he becomes hungry.

Moreover, if the child is premature or suffers from certain diseases, then he needs to be fed according to the schedule.

There are several signs that you canunderstand that the baby is hungry. For example, hungry children often cry. But before that, they can lick their lips, stick out their tongue, look for breasts, fuss, put their hands to their mouths several times, open their mouths, try to suck on objects that are nearby.

It is important to know that the behavior described above can speak not only about hunger. Children who need to be changed or just hugged can behave like this.

But what if you suddenly overfeed your baby? This also happens. And this is also indicated by certain signals. He may begin to hurt his stomach, gas formation, vomiting, and belching may occur.

It is clear whether the baby eats enough, you candiapers. In the first few days after birth, you should change two to three diapers a day, and after four to five days, at least five to six diapers.

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