How morning coffee with a cigarette affects the brain

Some smokers start their day with just a cigarette and a cup of coffee. And such a combination, as it turned out, is not

by chance. Researchers have found that chemicals found in coffee beans reduce nicotine cravings. Discuss

In a new study, experts fromThe University of Florida found two substances in coffee that affect nicotinic receptors in the brain. For those who smoke, these receptors may be especially sensitive in the morning.

The study was carried out on cells thatexpressed one of the human nicotinic receptors. To these cells, the scientists applied a solution of dark roasted coffee. It turned out that the organic chemical compound that is part of coffee helps to restore the dysfunction of nicotinic receptors, due to which a person develops a craving for nicotine.

The results of this study led experts tothe idea that one of the compounds in coffee - n-MP - helps to reduce the need for nicotine in the morning. All results were published in Neuropharmacology.

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