How much battery saves dark mode on iOS 13?

Dark mode on iOS 13 not only protects your eyes when interacting with your phone in the dark, but

It also saves your smartphone’s battery.And although Apple has never officially announced this fact, the power saving benefits of Dark Mode have actually been confirmed. This is especially true for iPhones with OLED displays, since it is on them that the black pixels remain inactive.

Dark Mode: Benefits

PhoneBuff conducted an experiment and shared itresults with other users on YouTube. Both iPhones were fully charged and running the new iOS 13 operating system. One had dark mode enabled, the other — Light mode. The experiment continued until the iPhone “died.” By the way, the test results were more than convincing. See for yourself…

The test showed that the iPhone XS Max using"Dark mode", consumes significantly less battery power than the iPhone XS Max, which uses light mode. When the iPhone XS Max with the light mode turned on died, another iPhone with the active Dark Mode had up to 30 percent of the battery life.

PhoneBuff notes one important testa variable that influenced the results: both iPhones had brightness settings of 200 nits. With 100 nits, two hours on Twitter saved 5 percent more battery power in dark mode. The 300 nit test, which is closer to using the smartphone outdoors, showed that dark mode saves 12 percent of the battery.

In any case, the test shows that the dark modeis a significant battery saver for OLED iPhones, including the iPhone X, iPhone XS and iPhone 11 Pro, but this is not about the iPhone XR or iPhone 11.