How much better is the iPhone 11 Pro camera than the iPhone XS and iPhone 8

Camera on the new iPhone 11 Pro — one of the key improvements of the new product. Many users are ready to spend again

all their money to make the camera on their phone even better. But will this be a thoughtful move if we are talking about buying an iPhone 11 Pro instead of your old iPhone?

We offer you a small comparisonphotos taken on the iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 8 and iPhone Xs. Why iPhone 8? Well, because this is still a very popular “budget” model that many users want to upgrade. A photo taken during normal daytime, a portrait and taken at night will be compared.

Photo by day

Test 1

Cloudy days can usually be good.a test of how the camera can “revive” the final result. Photos taken on cloudy days can often be dull in their original state, but can actually look great when handled properly. Let's see how three generations of iPhones cope with this right away.

Color photo taken on iPhone 8 and 11 Prosimilar and fairly accurate, while photography from the iPhone XS has a slightly bluish tint. In terms of dynamic range and detail, the iPhone 11 Pro and XS Max are definitely ahead of the iPhone 8, which has higher contrast and less detail in the shade.

Test 2

Another cloudy scene showingdifferences (and similarities) between white balance in the three models. iPhone XS Max shows cooler tones again. The iPhone 11 Pro, oddly enough, has a very subtle green tint, most noticeable in glare in the clouds, while the photo on the iPhone 8 looks pretty accurate.

Test 3

This scene demonstrates how detailedall three models at a resolution close to the minimum focusing distance. The photo was taken using a 2x zoom camera on all three phones.

Small color differences appear again: iPhone 11 Pro this time tends to a bluish tint, while iPhone 8 and XS Max provide more accurate color reproduction. The iPhone 11 Pro and XS Max provide a smoother image overall than the iPhone 8, with better separation of objects and background due to the wider aperture. The telephoto lens on the iPhone 8 has an aperture of f / 2.8, while the iPhone XS Max and iPhone 11 Pro boast f / 2.4 and f / 2.0 lenses respectively.

In terms of detail resolution, the iPhone 8is in last place with the least amount of detail when zoomed in. The iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone XS Max are close, but you might still be surprised by the results. The iPhone XS photo actually looks sharper, with more detail visible in the butterfly, although there is slightly more noise throughout the frame.

iPhone 11 Pro

iPhone XS Max

Test 4

In this scene, all three phones give very similar results. iPhone 8 does not quite match the others in terms of small details, but in general all three options are the same.

Portrait mode

Apple has talked a lot about new improvements,taken in portrait mode  during the announcement of the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro, so we expect the latest model to perform noticeably better. But is it? Let's figure it out.

Test 5

This is a very difficult scene and a good test forportrait mode, because there are many details that complicate the separation of the object from the background. The results are not perfect, but the iPhone 11 Pro stands out with very nice colors and a bokeh effect in the background. The separation of object and background leaves much to be desired on the iPhone 11 Pro, there is a problem area around the left sleeve. The iPhone XS Max actually does the best job in this regard, although the quality of the bokeh effect is not as good as on the iPhone 11 Pro. The iPhone 8 is clearly lagging behind newer models, with darker colors, fewer details, and a clearly worse separation of subject and background.

Test 6

This scene really shows a real comparison of the iPhone 8 vs XS Max and 11 Pro. And we understand that he takes the last place.

Both iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone XS Max produce pleasantcolors, although the new model still shows itself a little better. The iPhone 8 photo has better contrast with less shadow detail and background highlights completely washed out.

Test 7

In this scene, the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone XS Max againprovide a more uniform exposure throughout the frame and allow you to maintain good detail in both light and shadow areas. The photo on the iPhone 8 has more contrast, and the glare in the background is more pronounced.

Test 8

The trend of the iPhone 8, lagging behind its brothers,continues in scene 8. iPhone 11 Pro and XS Max took a photo with good tonality and color. The iPhone 8 again produces a darker image with less shadow detail and brighter highlights. Since there is no large distance between the model and the background in this scene, the blur effect is not so pronounced, but it is.

Night mode

Over the past couple of years, night mode has become bigpopular on Android smartphones, while the iPhone lagged behind in this area. However, with the release of the iPhone 11 Pro, Apple presents its own look at night mode. It is not as extreme as some other solutions on the market, in the sense that it does not try to turn night into day in the photo. The night mode on the iPhone 11 Pro is fully automatic and turns on when it sees fit. It requires you to stand still for 3 seconds, during which time several pictures are collected and combined, and we are pleased to announce that the shooting results are really good.

The iPhone XS Max and iPhone 8 don't have Night mode, so we're interested to see how much of a difference the iPhone 11 Pro makes.

Test 9

In this very complex scene, the iPhone 11 Proreally differs in more saturated color and more detail in comparison with older models. The XS Max and iPhone 8 produce much darker and darker images, although the XS Max still shoots noticeably better than the iPhone 8 in terms of color rendering and noise reduction.

Test 10

This scene shows a much clearerpromotion from iPhone 8 to iPhone 11 Pro. The new night mode really offers a significant and noticeable improvement over the XS Max and iPhone 8. The colors on the iPhone 11 Pro's photos are more saturated, with more details preserved in shadows and highlights.

Test 11

Another clear victory for the iPhone 11 Pro.Richer colors, evenly lit highlights and more shadow detail — Here are some advantages of night mode compared to older models. The iPhone 8 especially struggles between deep shadows and bright lights in this photo.

Test 12

If you don’t have enough evidence that the night mode on the iPhone 11 Pro works well, here’s another proof of that.

iPhone 11 Pro is again ahead with a very goodpassing this cathedral at night. It looks as bright as in real life, and the details on the facade are excellent. On the other hand, XS Max and iPhone 8 do not have tonality and color.


iPhone 11 Pro really impresses with improvedportrait mode and a new night mode. Color rendering also seems to have been improved: the iPhone 11 Pro gives very good results with nice and accurate colors and an improved dynamic range compared to the other two.

However, as the first series of scenes shows,all three phones can give roughly the same results in most daily scenarios. The iPhone XS is still great for regular photography and in most cases during the day is almost on par with the iPhone 11 Pro, while the iPhone 8 is clearly starting to lag.