How much does it cost to replace the batteries in the AirPods?

If you've bought yourself AirPods for a long time, then their batteryA year or two later,

Apple has a service to replace AirPods batteries, but it costsIt's not cheap.

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AirPods is covered by Apple’s standard 1 year warranty.

Over time, AirPods batteries lose their initial capacity. This can cause connection problems, poor sound quality and, of course, fast discharge.

For example, the old AirPods barely last for an hour of conversation, and the new ones can withstand up to 5 hours of conversation after one charge. The case adds another 24 hours of conversation.

The 93 mAh AirPod battery holds approximately 1% of the charge on the iPhone 7.

If the AirPods battery is faulty, Applewill change it for free under the warranty program. However, normal wear and tear is not included in the warranty, and this is a huge problem for those who have bought headphones for a long time.

Replacing the AirPods battery from Apple will cost to put it mildly a lot. The company takes as much as $ 49 for replacing the battery from one AirPod headset.

Want to replace the battery cover for charging? This is another 49 dollars.

Apple offers you to pay 98 dollars forReplacing the batteries in the headphones and another $ 49 for replacing the battery in the case. Accordingly, you have to give 147 dollars to headphones worked earlier.

Buy new AirPods will be $ 12 more expensive than replacing batteries in the old.

New AirPods cost $ 159, so it's easierjust take the new headphones, and not fix the old ones. Moreover, updated AirPods 2 generations are coming soon with new features and optimized power consumption thanks to the energy-saving Bluetooth 5.0 protocol.

Did you know that every AirPods opening and closing case consumes energy?

To extend your AirPods, put them incase when not in use. For calls, use only one headset. Do not open and close the cover just like that, as it strongly charges charging.