How much will the smart bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 4 with NFC

Before the presentation of the smart bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 4, there are only a few days left and some stores have already opened pre-order

on a novelty, revealing the cost of the device.

How much

Mi Band version 4 with NFC appeared in IndianAn online store with a price tag of 3560 rupees (approximately $ 55). This is not the final cost, so you can easily add $ 10-20 and eventually get a price tag of about $ 75. For comparison, last year’s NFC model cost about $ 40-50.


Recall the main feature of the fourthgeneration will be a color OLED display and an enlarged battery up to 135 mAh (against 110 mAh in Mi Band 3). The novelty will also receive Bluetooth 5.0, an updated charger, support for the corporate assistant, a heartbeat sensor and a capsule case, which should be inserted into the bracelet.

When to expect

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is announced together with the Amazfit Verge 2 smart watch at the presentation on June 11th.

Do you know what

While Mi Band 4 is not yet available, you may be interested in the following facts:

  • The most successful store on Aliexpress on sales Mi Band 3 sold them more than 75,000 pieces!
  • Produced by Mi Band company Huami, which has its own interesting bracelet Amazfit Band 2 with the support of the Russian language
  • Buy a similar Mi Band 4 bracelet Honor Band 4 can only be $ 30 now
  • For Mi Band 3, you can buy 20 variants of silicone straps that differ in color
  • For Mi Band 3, you can buy a silicone strap in the style of Apple Watch

Do you know that

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