How much Xiaomi makes on the new flagship Redmi K30 (spoiler: very little)

Last year, Xiaomi promised that it would earn no more than 5% on smartphones, this year representatives

companies once again reminded that the main secret of the manufacturer’s success is its rather modest “appetites”. And this confirms the new flagship of the Xiaomi sub-brand - Redmi K30.

How much do they get

At the official presentation of the Redmi K30, whichpassed just 5 days ago, emphasized that now it is the cheapest 5G-smartphone on the market. And the price tag is really quite modest: from $ 227 for the 4G version and from $ 284 for the version with support for fifth-generation networks.

Chinese analysts went further and calculated the cost of the new flagship. For example, we took the Redmi K30 5G with 6/64 GB of memory.

It turned out that the cost of its components is $ 250. And on the shelves, the smartphone goes with a price tag of $ 284, that is, only $ 34 more expensive. Although the cost does not include research, development and assembly costs, as well as after-sales expenses.

That is, Xiaomi practically does not earn anything on the Redmi K30 line. Well, this is not Apple, the cost of smartphones which is almost half the final price.