How not to handle male grooming equipment

It is not so easy to cut your own hair at home, although men are more fortunate in this matter than women.

There are a lot of men's products for home care today.for every taste. Modern clippers with a wide variety of attachments, trimmers and shavers for shaving your hair are convenient and affordable. And the main plus of their plus is that you save time and money. But before you start creating masterpieces, read how this technique should be handled.

Men's grooming accessories must be handled carefully and monitored. Stanislav Cheskidov, expert of the brand-manufacturer of hairdressing tools WAHL, told us how to properly operate the cutting and shaving devices, and what mistakes should not be made.

So that the maintenance tools work for a long time andsafe, you need to clean them in a timely manner. Therefore, along with the miracle machine, be sure to buy cleaning accessories: a flat brush, a special liquid, oil for lubricating knives and dry soft napkins. For some brands (including WAHL), cleaning brushes and oil for lubrication are always included in the kit, so check the complete set of the machine you will be buying in advance.

Switch off the power supply to the appliance before cleaning the knives! With a special brush, go over the knives - this way you get rid of the remaining small hairs.