How often Russians will be attacked by hackers in 2022

Information security firm StormWall predicted how

more hackers will attack Russian companies in 2022. Discuss

Contribute to cyber attacks will be the currentpolitical situation in the world. The threat comes from Internet hacktivists, who are members of many groups in Telegram - they are trained and indicated goals. And, judging by the number of attacks in the first half of 2022, their number will increase by 30 times in the future. Basically it will be DDoS attacks.

The experts also studied the time of the attacks, on average they lasted 7 hours. Their duration will also increase tenfold, already now many last several days or more.

“This year we are witnessing a real cyber war, andits scale will only increase. The worst thing is that even when this storm subsides, a huge number of people will be trained to launch DDoS attacks and will have the tools to carry them out,” said StormWall CEO and co-founder Ramil Khantimirov.