How often should you clean Google Chrome to protect yourself from snooping and data theft

Roskachestvo experts told what cookies are and whether they are dangerous for privacy


Senior Testing Specialist at Roskachestvodigital products Sergey Kuzmenko explained that "cookies" are special files created by the server of the site visited, which are partially stored on the user's computer. They contain a large amount of information about the user, including their location, the device used, the text entered on the site, the products viewed, etc. By themselves, these files do not pose any threat to the user's privacy, but if special frames from the site are embedded in them, then "with the help of them complete surveillance of the user is possible."

The specialist noted that large IT giants wantmove away from the use of cookies and are developing a new standard to improve user privacy. But in fact, there is a minus here: all data about users will flow to a single operator of the standard. This means that there is room for abuse and surveillance.

To protect themselves from possible surveillance, users themselves must periodically clean their browsers from "cookies", the same Google Chrome that sends information about the owner of the device to the company's servers.

Select sites you rarely visit and delete cookies there. Still, you should not completely disable them, otherwise setting up personal site parameters and logging in to accounts will be difficult.

Sergey KuzmenkoSenior specialist of Roskachestvo for testing digital products