How scammers can track you through your smartphone


Ovchinnikov said that the scammers have returned to the old way of hacking the online banking of Russians. Discuss

To get data from the bank, attackersthey call a potential victim on behalf of bank employees and convince them to install a remote access program on their smartphone. The pretext is protection against unauthorized withdrawal of money from the account.

By installing a remote access program,fraudsters see what data the user enters on the bank authorization page, read the SMS code to confirm the entry, and calmly go through the authentication procedure. The result is predictable - theft of money from the victim's bank account.

The scammers operate in the same way whencontact the future victim on Skype. They find out which bank the user is a client of, ask them to open access to the smartphone screen when making a call. Zvtem everything happens according to the first scheme.

“This scheme was relevant a couple of years ago.Then, apparently, it outlived its usefulness in the light of public awareness. And now it has again become actively used by cybercriminals – we are seeing a trend in June. A regular return to the old schemes can be considered a creative crisis for telephone scammers,” Ovchinnikov noted.