How the Find AirPods feature will work in iOS 10.3

I can’t remember how many memes I watched about the loss of AirPods headphones. I think this one is the best: in

performed by Indian comedian CyrilDubs. The problem is widespread and causes real concern. The dimensions of AirPods are so small and in addition they are truly wireless. Apple, in an attempt to curb general concern, has added the Find AirPods feature to the Find iPhone app. Pack it is available in iOS 10.3 Beta 1 and for a wide range of users will be available in the next couple of weeks, when iOS 10.3 will be officially released.

How does the Find AirPods feature work?

AirPods have no integrated GPS orit is possible to connect to cellular stations, so AirPod earphones are monitored using the Bluetooth protocol, in the immediate vicinity of your iPhone device.



When you look at the Find app screenAirPods ”, then you see a map with the latest location of the AirPods headphones. That is the place where they were last connected to the iPhone. This way you will have a general idea of ​​where they can be, for example, in your friend’s house. But the information will not be the exact location, as we are used to seeing in the Find My iPhone application. You can get the AirPods to beep, which is also a very useful feature when you know that the AirPods just lie somewhere nearby. When you do this, the AirPods will play a beep. Please note that this function only works when the AirPods are actively connected to the iPhone. So, if they are inside the case on charging, then the sound supply function will not work.

How about your AirPods?

What do you think of your AirPods? Have they dropped out of your ears or have there been any cases of their complete loss? Share your daily stories with us in the comments below.