How the PlayStation "buried" a new version of DVDs

Sony almost never succeeded in turning its formats into a worldwide standard. In the era of cassette "vidak"

manufacturers chose VHS rather than inventedSony Betamax in phones, memory cards - not “Sonevsky” Memory Stick, but microSD; if the format for audio players without loss of quality - then not ATRAC, created by Sony, but FLAC. But there was a striking exception, which we will talk about now.

February 19, 2008 officially endedThe “format war” between HD DVD (an improved multi-layer version of DVD for 720p and 1080p video formats) and Blu-ray, because Toshiba has stopped supporting the format it created (HD DVD, as you might guess). After several years of “format warfare," whenvideo players of different formats (incompatible with each other) and equally disks with movies and games were simultaneously sold on the market, one of the parties finally stepped back, and the industry focused on the Blu-ray format.