How to add a signature to Apple Pages on Mac

Most often, digital signatures have to be added to PDF documents. To sign these files on a Mac, you can

use preview. You can also add a signature to the Pages program, and below we will tell you how to do it.

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How to add a signature to Pages

This manual is intended for those whose signature is already saved as an image. Open the document in Pagesinto which you want to insert the signature, and follow the steps below.

one) Move the cursor where you want to insert the signature.

2) Press the button Media on the menu bar and select the image with your signature. You can also select Insert and find the image.

3) Now select the captioned image and click Insert.

Your signature will appear in the document. After that you can change it using the button Style in the upper right corner, move it or resize.

How to create a signature in the program View

If you don’t have a saved signature yet, you can create it in the View program. After that, save it as an image.

one) Open an image or document in the program View. Make sure the document has a white background.

2) Press the button Toolbars.

3) On the toolbar, select Signature, and then select an existing signature or click Create Signature.

four) Now take a screenshot of your signature through the menu File > Take a screenshot > Selected (or use the keyboard shortcut Command + Shift + 5).

Now you have an image with your signature, which you can add to Pages.

If later you plan to convert a Pages document to PDF, now you know how easy it is to paste your signature into it.