How to add “Hi, Siri” feature on unsupported Mac models

You have an older Mac, but you want to use Siri voice commands? Fortunately, there is a little trick,

which allows you to add the "Hi Siri" feature to unsupported Mac models. On new models, the function is easily included in the settings.

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Below we will explain how to add a function to old Macs. The way works on models that support Siri, but not "Hi, Siri". These are devices with macOS Mojave, High Sierra and Sierra.

How to enable "Hi, Siri" on unsupported Macs

  1. On the menu bar, select the icon Apple, and then System settings.
  2. Select section Siri and make sure the feature is enabled.
  3. Now go back and go to the section. Keyboard. Select tab Dictation, enable the function and check the box next to Use Improved Dictation.
  4. Now go to section Universal access in System Preferences and select Dictation in the menu on the left. Check the box next to Include dictation key phrases. In the line, enter "Hi." After that press the button Dictation commands.
  5. Check the box next to Enable extended teamsand then click the icon "+".
  6. Configure the options as follows:
  • When I say: "Siri."
  • When using: "Any program."
  • Run: Run the process -> Other -> Open “”.
  1. Check that everything is set up correctly and click Is done.
  2. Check that everything works. Say "Hi Siri, what's the weather like now?"

If you set everything up correctly, then the function“Hi, Siri” will work fine and you can use voice commands. The accuracy of command execution will be the same as on models with official support.

You can use any phrases to activate Siri, but we chose the standard “Hello”.

How to disable the function "Hi, Siri"

If you suddenly want to disable the feature, youyou will need to return to the above sections of the System Settings and uncheck the options that you enabled earlier. A 1.2 GB Advanced Dictation file will appear on the device, after disabling the function, you can delete it to free up memory.

Any voice commands should work with this method, including funny requests.