How to add iOS 11 notifications in iOS 10 [jailbreak-tweak]

The end of 2017 is already close, but there are still many people who have not upgraded to iOS 11, not to mention

latest released version of iOS 11. Most of these people continue to use iOS 10.2 to preserve jailbreak, which is quite logical. However, iOS 11 has so many great new features and changes that missing them would be just a shame.

Fortunately, with the NotificationXI tweak, such users will be able to enjoy at least a new notification design while remaining on their version of the system.

Tweak NotificationXI can be downloaded for free fromBigBoss repository. He has only one task, but he copes with it just perfectly. After installing the tweak, iOS 10 notifications will look like new notifications in iOS 11. Only the design will change, but now the banners with notifications will be transparent.

It is worth noting that only banners will change, and not all notifications, so do not expect a full copy of the functions of iOS 11. Nevertheless, the tweak should satisfy those who like the new design.

IOS 11 came out in September and as usualhappens with large iOS updates, it has quickly gained popularity among users. It is compatible with iPhone and iPad, as well as with the corresponding versions of tvOS and watchOS. By installing iOS 11, you will get many new changes that have both pros and cons. The control center, for example, works fine, but not everyone likes it anyway, like the large top frame in applications like Settings.

If you have iOS 10, and all you want is to receive beautiful notifications, as in iOS 11, a tweak will help you with this.