How to add the iPhone XS Depth feature on iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone XS and iPhone XR have a new feature called Depth.Once you take a portrait photo, you can

Adjust the level of background blur. Apple promotes this feature as one of the best features of the iPhone XS.However, you can also use it on iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, and even iPhone 7 Plus using a third-party app.

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The new iPhone XS sensor blurs different parts of the photo with different power. The effect is similar to DSLR cameras. Smartphones, like Pixel 2, work differently.

How to Adjust Background Blur oniphone X,iphone8PlusAndiphone7Plus

The Focos app has already been on our list of the best.applications with cameras, and for good reason. It corrects one of the biggest drawbacks of portrait mode. The old iPhone models in almost all cases blurred the extra elements of photos.

Portrait mode does not always recognize ears, glasses, andhair edge. Focos allows you not only to adjust the level of blur, but also to adjust the focal point. You can open a photo and change its focus, as well as adjust the effect of depth. The application does its job very well. Moreover, the basic functions are available for free.

Here is how it works. After installing the app, just open it. You will see the camera, and the bottom of the grid with ready-made photos. Select a photo to open it.

Under the photo will be a slider. Move it to the left to reduce the blur, and to the right to enhance it. This is all, adjusting the blur is so easy! The application uses data on the depth of the photo itself, so that the edges of the object will not be blurred.

The Focos app allows you to change the aperture from f/20 to f/1.4. You can even change the shape of the blur effect. There's even a 3D editing tool available.

All this can be done in the application for free, and these functions will be enough for most users. To open access to all functions, you can purchase a paid subscription.

Download: Focos