How to attract practitioners to schools and the future of EdTech discussed at the EdCrunch conference

More than a thousand viewers and 317 speakers working in education, management and IT from Russia, Kazakhstan, USA,

Great Britain and other countries gathered an annualconference dedicated to new technologies in education, EdCrunch Reload 2022. This year the conference was dedicated to 6 tracks that captured early childhood, school and higher education, corporate training and the EdTech market.

At the conference, much attention was paid to the problemsschools. One of the trends discussed was attracting practitioners to schools. The experts noted that the demand for practical training and experienced business professionals, which is often generated by schools, runs into bureaucratic obstacles.

The system is ill-suited to matchbusiness and teaching in the mode of several hours, and a large amount of documentation and paperwork repels practitioners. The solution to this problem can be new forms of education - for example, a dedicated place for an external expert, the creation of circles and accelerators based on schools.

Photo: EdCrunch Conference

In a separate area, experts alsoshared their forecasts for the development of the EdTech market. The leaders of companies that develop educational technologies note that it is becoming increasingly difficult to attract large capital, which means that new ways of scaling must be found.

One of them is talent development.Technologies that are focused on the development of talents (talent-centricity), capable of being personified to the needs of specific clients, identifying and developing their strengths, have good prospects in the market, the participants in the discussion believe. This will help not only companies, but also regions and even countries: the more people are “in their place”, the better the result.

Organizers of EdCrunch Reload:Akimat of Almaty city, MISIS University of Science and Technology, AITAS holding, ERG mektepke initiative, EdCrunch Academy Institute for the Development of Modern Education and Amansultan educational platform.

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