How to automatically disable the trackpad when you connect a mouse to a Mac

Using a trackpad on a MacBook is very convenient and fast to work with, but it canstir if you're using with

laptop mouse and touch it accidentally.

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If you are using a mouse with a laptop orwireless trackpad, you probably often accidentally touch the trackpad on a laptop, and this leads to problems or inconvenience. There is a very simple way to solve this problem - to completely disable the trackpad on a Mac when the mouse is connected. Below we will explain how to do this.

How to disable the trackpad when you connect a mouse

one)In the menu bar, select theApple&gt;System settings.

2)Select sectionUniversal access.

3)On the left, select the tabMouse and trackpad.

four)Check the box next toDisable the built-in trackpad when an external mouse or wireless trackpad is connected..

When the option is enabled, check its operation. Now you can touch the built-in trackpad as you please, and it will not react if a mouse or another trackpad is connected to the laptop.