How to automatically disable the trackpad when you connect a mouse to a Mac

Using the trackpad on your MacBook is very convenient and fast to work, but it can get in the way if you use

laptop mouse and touch it by chance.

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If you are using a mouse with a laptop orwireless trackpad, you probably often accidentally touch the trackpad on a laptop, and this leads to problems or inconvenience. There is a very simple way to solve this problem - to completely disable the trackpad on a Mac when the mouse is connected. Below we will explain how to do this.

How to disable the trackpad when you connect a mouse

one) In the menu bar, select the icon Apple > System settings.

2) Select section Universal access.

3) On the left, select the tab Mouse and trackpad.

four) Check the box next to Disable the built-in trackpad when an external mouse or wireless trackpad is connected..

When the option is enabled, check its operation. Now you can touch the built-in trackpad as you please, and it will not react if a mouse or another trackpad is connected to the laptop.