How to block SMS spam on iPhone with iOS 11

With iOS 10, Apple introduced a new feature for blocking spam in the Phone application, and with its help it was possible

filter Messages.

In many countries, especially developing, SMSturn into an endless stream of spam. The same thing happened with e-mail. Mailboxes because of this contain a special folder for spam. Now there is such a function for blocking SMS.

What spam blocker to install?

As with call blocking, you will need to go to Settings and allow a specific application to filter your messages. You can install just one application.

There are several such applications, but we recommend installing VeroSMS. This blocker puts privacy first. Filtering does not involve third-party services, and your data is protected.

In addition, VeroSMS is a free application ifyou add only your blocking keywords. You can buy a premium version for $ 0.99 and get access to the general list of keywords specific to your region. In the future, VeroSMS will add functions related to machine learning.

Another unique feature of this application is the “white list”. You can add keywords to it, messages with which will not be sent to the spam folder.

Download: VeroSMS

How to enable the lock

When install and run VeroSMS, go to Settingsopen section Messages and select Unknown and spam. Next select VeroSMS and on the pop-up window click Enable.

Return to the app and see two sections - Blocklist and Whitelist. Click Add Keyword in any of the sections to add keywords. If you buy a premium version, you can select words from the list.

Where will spam go?

When you activate the lock, a new tab will appear in the Messages, in which all messages with your chosen keywords will be stored.

Call blocking

If you have already installed applications that block calls, as Hiya or Truecaller, in them you can configure and enable blocking and SMS messages.