How to cancel subscriptions in applications from the App Store

developers prefer to make their applications free but provide
users the opportunity to purchase a paid subscription with additional features
and content.

If you
previously bought subscriptions in apps, you need to know how to cancel them in
if you don’t need them anymore.

Many users forget about their subscriptions and continue to pay money for applications that they no longer use. In addition, in new versions of iOS 12, it became easier to cancel subscriptions.

How to cancel subscriptions iphone and iPad

one) On your iPhone or iPad, open the app. Settings.

2) Go to iTunes Store and App Store, Press on
your Apple ID at the top, select View Apple ID.

3) Log in.

four) Select section Subscriptions. You will see a list of your current and inactive subscriptions.

five) Select the subscription you want to cancel,
and then click Unsubscribe and Confirm.

Even if you
cancel your subscription, you can enjoy it for some time
benefits that have already been paid.

How to cancel subscriptions through iTunes

one) Run iTunes on Mac or PC.

2) On the menu bar, select Account> View and
Log in.

3) Scroll down and click the link. To manage next to subscriptions. You will see all your subscriptions.

four) Click Change Near
subscription you want to cancel.

five) Now click Unsubscribe
and confirm your action.

Very simple
do not notice the debiting of 149 rubles a month from your account, so be sure to check
your subscriptions and cancel unnecessary.