How to change the password on the iPhone or iPad

The password on the iPhone and iPad is used as one of the authentication methods to unlock the device. More often

In all, we enter it when an unsuccessful attempt to Face ID or Touch ID. The password is set by the vast majority of users, but not everyone knows that it can be changed.

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You can change the password at any time. You can set a 4-digit password, use a longer and more reliable password, or even add letters to it. Below we describe how to change the password on the iPhone and iPad.

how to change password in iOS

  1. Open application Settings.
  2. Select section Face ID and password code or Touch ID and password code.
  3. Enter your current password.
  4. Scroll down and select Change the passcode.

  1. Enter your old password again.
  2. Now enter a new password or click Password Code Parameters and select one of the options:
  • Arbitrary code (letters + numbers).
  • Arbitrary code (numbers).
  • Code of 4 digits.

  1. Confirm the new password to save it in the system

A new password will be set, and you will need touse it to unlock the device or in case the Touch ID or Face ID does not work. The password can be used instead of Touch ID and Face ID even on new models of iPhone and iPad.

The password can also be completely disabled, but we do notWe recommend to do this, because it threatens your security. We recommend setting a password for all devices to protect yourself from unauthorized access.

Set a new password, not knowing the old, will not work. Fortunately, if you forget your password, you can reset it. To do this, you need a computer with iTunes.

Note that the main password is different from the password.Screen time, which is used for program limits and limited content. Some users make these passwords the same, but it’s better to use different passwords for additional security.