How to change the theme of Microsoft Office on Mac

The Microsoft Office Suite has themes that make them easy to distinguish. For example, Microsoft Word on Mac

made with elements of blue, Excel - green, and Powerpoint red and orange.

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However, you can change the themes of the Microsoft Office programs so that they all become light or dark. This is done in the program settings. Below we will tell exactly how.

how change topic Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) on Mac

You can change the settings through any program.Microsoft Office, and the changes will automatically be applied to everyone else. In other words, if you change the theme of Microsoft Word, the theme of Microsoft Excel will change. For instructions, we will use Microsoft Word.

  1. Select Word on the menu bar and then select Options.

  1. Go to Are common.

  1. In section Personal setting find Office Theme: and select Classic.

  1. Close the program settings.

You will see a notice that changing the Microsoft Office theme will affect other programs.

The changes will be applied instantly, and the window will become either just light or dark. The colored elements will disappear.

The color scheme of a classic theme will depend on the theme of your Mac, i.e. Dark mode programs are also supported.

In addition, you can change the theme not only through Microsoft Word, but also through any other program, like Excel or Powerpoint, in a similar way.

How to return a color theme Microsoft Office on Mac

You can cancel the changes at any time by returning to the settings.

  1. Select the name of the program Office on the menu bar and then select Settings.
  2. Go to Are common.
  3. Find a point Office Theme: and this time select Colored.

Changes will be applied again to all Microsoft Office programs.

Use classic or color theme isYour choice. Many users like colors, thanks to which you immediately understand which program is open. But others prefer all programs to be in the same color.