How to change themes in the Bear app for iPhone and Mac

The free Bear app remains one of the most popular text apps for iOS and macOS thanks to

its simplicity, customization options, etc. One of the best features of the app is the ability to change themes. Themes include not only the background color of the application, but also the color and style of the text. Below, we’ll show you how to change themes in the Bear app for iOS and macOS.

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Available topics

There are only two themes available in the free version of Bear: Red Graphite and High Contrast. These are bright topics, and they are very similar to each other.

If you purchase a Bear Pro subscription for 99 rubles a month, 12 more topics will become available, among which there are dark ones.

By choosing a theme, you can change the application icon for it. You can also add your own icons for tags.

How to change themes in iOS

one) Press on three stripes icon in the upper left corner of the application.

2) Now click on round icon bottom center.

3) Click here Choose a topic.

How to change themes on macOS

one) Launch Bear, and then select Bear> Options.

2) In the popup window, click Topics.

3) Now select a theme.

What about macOS mojave?

In the macOS Mojave update that will be released thisin the fall, there will be a dark regime. Apple has released a dark mode API, so developers can add support to their programs. However, the head of the application said he did not want to add support for dark mode so that users could use the built-in themes. In addition, a theme is available in the application that resembles Apple's dark mode as closely as possible. This topic is Charcoal.

You can download the Bear app from the App Store and Mac App Store.