How to check AirPods charging via iPhone

Do you want to know the charge level of your AirPods?


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Using a cover fromAirPods

The easiest way to check the charging of your AirPods is to put the headphones in the case and then open it next to your iPhone or iPad.

When you open the case cover, an AirPods charging screen will appear on your iPhone’s screen. Here you will find the percentage of charging the headphones themselves and the case.

Using the widget

The status of charging your AirPods and cover can be foundand using the useful widget on the “Today” screen, which opens with a swipe to the right on the home screen. It will be displayed only when at least one earphone is in the case.

Here you can check the charging Apple Pencil, Apple Watch and other accessories.

Open the cover of the case when the headphones are in it, next to your iPhone. After that, on the screen with widgets, find out the charge level.

other methods

The approximate charge level of the AirPods can be recognized by the light in the charging case. If the light is green, the cover is charged. If the light is orange - it is not fully charged.

AirPods charging can also be checked via Apple Watch. You can also use Siri for this.

On Mac, the charging level of the connected accessories can be found in the Bluetooth menu.