How to check if there is a number in whatsapp

One of the main drawbacks of WhatsApp was that you had no way of knowing if you were registered with the service.

number if it is not saved in your contacts. However, with version 2.19.30 this has changed and now you can easily find out if a number is on WhatsApp.

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This feature is especially useful when you need to check an unknown number for an account in WhatsApp. Previously, this number would have to be saved.

How to find out if there is a number inWhatsapp

one)Open the appWhatsappon your iPhone.

2)Select a tabChatsin the panel at the bottom of the screen.

3)Click on the iconNew chatin the upper-right corner.

four)Now clicknew contactat the top of the screen.

five)Enter completephone numberwith country code.

If this number is already stored in your Contacts, you will see the inscription “Already in the contact list” below it.

If the user is not registered with WhatsApp, the message “Does not use WhatsApp” appears.

Now, before you start a conversation with someone, you can easily check if they are in WhatsApp.

However, using the function too often is not worth it, because WhatsApp refuses to check too many numbers.