How to choose the best Chinese tablet 2013 - 2014

Today, choosing a tablet does not present practically any difficulties, since when you come to any

store, experienced sales consultants will helpyou can choose dozens of models to suit your requirements. However, most potential buyers try to save money and purchase a tablet in Chinese online stores, where the choice is much wider and the prices are quite attractive - from 60 to 400 dollars. Nevertheless. Increasingly, the question arises about what you should pay attention to and how to make a choice so that the purchase becomes truly worthwhile and of high quality. In our article we will help you choose the best Chinese tablet 2013 — 2014. We won't recommend specific tablet models to you, but rather show you what to look for to choose the best one.

Depending on the purpose of using the tablet, conditionally, these devices can be divided into a number of the following categories:

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  • Internet surfing;
  • Games;
  • Watching movies and videos;
  • Reading electronic editions (books, subject literature, etc.);
  • Business management;
  • Listening to music;
  • Study;

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This is not a complete list of what more often.A tablet is used in all, but it’s necessary to focus on this, first of all, because if you mostly devote to reading electronic literature, you probably don’t need a first-class camera with a large number of megapixels, etc. The presence of certain additional parameters directly play on the cost of the device.

Tablet screen size

It's no secret to anyone that the largerThe screen size has a tablet, the more attractive it is. Naturally, on tablets with a large display it is very convenient to watch movies, play games, use them for internet surfing, etc., however, the larger the size, the more expensive the device will cost.

For movies

If you are going to use the tablet forwatching movies and videos, the best option in this case will be a screen with a ratio of 16:10, with a diagonal of 8 "- 9.7". Of course, no one forbids the use of 10 ”screens, but you probably should not overpay for an extra inch, especially since transporting such tablets is extremely difficult.

For games

For gamers, tablets with7 ”- 8” diagonal, with a 4: 3 ratio. Such a tablet and a relatively inexpensive cost, and the battery in it will be able to work for a long time, and carry it quite comfortably. In addition, this kind of tablet is perfect for all those who simply can not imagine their lives without the Internet.

Screen resolution

When choosing a Chinese tablet, do not forget to paypay attention to the screen resolution, because the clarity of viewing pictures, the quality of the movies played, and so on will depend on it - in general, most of the graphic data used in the tablet depends on its resolution. The best option in this case would be tablets with a resolution of 1024×768 pixels - good quality for a very reasonable price.

Tablet screen type

The screen type plays a rather important role.tablet, because this parameter depends on the viewing angle. IPS screens have a maximum viewing angle approaching a wide angle, but their cost is much higher than on similar tablet models, only with a type of TN screen, where, although at a slight angle, everything can be seen quite well. In the event that you prefer to watch movies, it is best to buy a tablet with an IPScreen.

Tablet weight

Most users when choosing a hugepays attention to the weight of the tablet, although it is worth taking care of it only last. If you use the tablet to watch videos, browse the Internet or play games, then it will not matter how much your device weighs, provided that it weighs no more than 700 grams. However, in the event that you expect to use the tablet for reading electronic literature, then it is better to take the model easier, as it is not so easy to hold a heavy tablet on weight, and besides with one hand. The standard weight of an eight-inch tablet is about 500 grams, seven-inch - 350 grams.


Since the tablet is essentially compactcomputer, then much attention should be paid to the processor installed in it. The best option would be processors with a clock speed of 1.4 Hz and above. If you buy a tablet with a cheaper processor, then believe me, you will experience obvious troubles in the operation of such a device, starting with the slow work of applications and ending with all kinds of glitches and brakes.


Naturally, the greater the amount of physicalmemory can use the tablet, the better for the user himself, but do not forget that there is also RAM, and the smaller, but more physical, the more brakes will occur with the device.

The most versatile option would be ifRAM will be at least 512 MB, and physical, at least 16 GB - the larger the volumes, the more expensive it will be, there is a Chinese tablet, and therefore it is better to go bust at once in that question. Do you want to pay more for a great memory.


Buying a tablet with front and rear cameraIt may simply be unprofitable, because if you do not use the Internet or do not communicate using Skype, then you should not overpay the extra 20-30 dollars for this pleasure. As for the rear camera, in that case, if it is 3 megapixels, it will be quite a good purchase.

Additional options

As additional options, the tablet canuse wi-fi connection, 4G connection and similar types of wireless networks. Saving on this factor is clearly not worth it, since if you think that you can easily do without access to the network, you will probably soon regret not having chosen a suitable device model that supports it. Saving a few dollars will surely not suit you, and therefore it is better to take a really high-quality device that meets all modern standards.

A few tips when choosing a Chinese tablet

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  • Do not choose models without a name or a manufacturer, as though they are cheaper, but most likely their quality can be questioned;
  • Do not choose tablets with a small screen resolution;
  • You should not choose tablets with outdated software, since most likely new applications will simply not be supported, and you will have just “iron” on your hands;
  • Do not chase the low price, as you risk to buy a device with an obvious defect or malfunction, which could later play a cruel joke with you.

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Even though most Chinesetablets are somewhat inferior in quality to the original models, their popularity is still quite high, and even lower cost is nothing to say.

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