How to choose the right camera for YouTube

The importance of technology even in such a matter as blogging today is difficult to overestimate, because your thoughts and ideas

it is necessary to be as accessible and beautiful as possiblepresent. This fully applies to blogging on YouTube. And if you already have sufficient experience, then you already have high-quality equipment. If you are just starting the thorny path in this network platform, then you need to choose a suitable camera. Let's look at what you need to pay attention to when choosing, what criteria to follow.

Key requirements

Choosing the best doesn’t mean buying the most expensive,especially since a beginner cannot afford it. The main thing here is to understand what requirements to present to your future instrument, and if you understand them, the choice will be greatly simplified. So, you need to start from the very beginning, that is, from what exactly you are going to shoot. Of course, there are no separate cameras for shooting shopping unpacking or funny places of interest in the city, but there are camera parameters, and knowing where and in what conditions the shooting will be, you can choose the most suitable model. For example, for shooting exclusively indoors, an inexpensive DSLR is enough, but exotic places will require an additional action camera, and it is better to have a model no lower than average, otherwise all the charm of exotic places will instantly evaporate.

Camera Categories

Today in the store you can buy cameras of several categories:

  • SLR cameras
  • Mirrorless,
  • Compact automatic
  • Sports or action cameras.

Each category with its own characteristics, plusesand cons. DSLRs are perfect for serious high-quality shooting, but they are far from always good for video blogging. Such a camera is able to work with many lenses, the flexibility of settings is simply amazing, it feels great in the dark. However, they are usually bulky and heavy. In addition, to just master this camera, it will take a lot of time.

Mirrors will be easier, and that says in theirbenefit for filming on walks (outdoors). Moreover, the ability to work with different lenses is preserved, as well as high quality shooting. Compact automatic cameras for those who do not want to spend time on spells of photographers and operators, do not want to deal with complex settings. There is a plot and a situation - I immediately started shooting. Dimensions and the weight of such cameras are much less, however, the functionality is greatly cut compared to DSLRs, and the quality of shooting is no longer studio.

Action cameras or sports - for extremes andextreme conditions. As a rule, they are attached to the head and other parts of the body. It is convenient for shooting behind the wheel of a car, bicycle, snowboard, skate, as well as when swimming. They are light and compact, and will not give you a shoulder. But the quality of such cameras is not so much fun, especially for cheap options. If you choose the quality of shooting, then the price tag of such a camera will not be inferior to a budget DSLR. And remember, do not start your career with shooting on a smartphone and uploading a video without editing. You simply ruin all undertakings.


And what quality is acceptable, and how is itdetermined by? A simple way is to size the matrix and resolution. HD is not enough now to talk about high-quality shooting. Of course, top bloggers also use them, but as additional ones to change angles. The main camera should be better. Full HD can be considered quite a running resolution, this is such a middle ground. The price is not too ruinous, and the quality is decent. There are 4K cameras, of course, the best option, but they are expensive, and do all of your subscribers have such a TV? They simply cannot see the quality, higher than that of their monitor or TV.

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