How to choose the right cooking salt

You can find many varieties of salt in supermarkets. To make the right choice, you need

know how they differ from each other. This was reported by Yahoo News Japan. Discuss

Salt is divided according to the methodproduction for refined and natural. As you might guess from the name, natural is actually natural salt. It is mainly created from sea water, which is dried naturally or boiled in a flat container. More crystals of this salt are mined in lakes or in the soil. Usually this type of salt contains minerals.

Refined salt is one thatundergoes electrolysis. In this way they get rid of impurities and bitterness in it. It is sold in stores as food or cooking. Most of the minerals from such salt are removed, and more than 99.5% of its composition is sodium chloride.

In addition, salt is divided into three more categories - depending on the raw material. These are sea, lake and rock salt.

Sea salt is obtained from sea water. Two methods are used for this: boiling in a cauldron and drying the salt in the sun. This salt has a mild taste and is rich in minerals.

Rock salt occurs as a result of tectonic shifts. This happens when sea water stays on land, evaporates, and then crystallizes. Such salt has a pronounced salty taste.

Lake salt is formed from reservoirs filled with this mineral. The taste of this salt is bittersweet.

You need to choose salt depending on the products,which you are going to use, and on your target. Sea salt is well suited for Japanese dishes and for cooking fish, rock salt for meat and ethnic cuisine. Ozernaya is considered universal.

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