How to choose the right iron

According to an user, there are 10 points to consider when choosing the right iron. And it's not

only cost. Discuss

To make clothes look good, you need the right iron. When choosing it, several parameters must be taken into account. Here are the main ones.

  1. sole quality. Today, manufacturers make soles from various materials. It can be stainless steel, ceramics, cermets, aluminum, teflon, titanium.

Stainless steel can, for example, scratchbuttons, zippers and other details, and ceramics has a layer of non-stick coating, but needs to be treated with care (if dropped, cracks, scratches may appear on it, and as a result, the iron will stop working). Cermet is resistant to drops and damage, but it weighs more. As for aluminum, over time its surface becomes “sticky”, and because of this, wrinkles or damage can appear on clothes. The Teflon sole is durable, resistant to soot, slips easily, but at the same time it is easy to scratch it, chips are quickly formed on it. The sole has only one drawback: high cost.

  1. Power. The speed and level of heating of the iron depends on this. This parameter can vary from 220 to 3000 W, but 2000 W will be enough for home ironing.

  2. Ergonomics. In other words, it's ease of use.For example, the handle of an iron should be comfortable to hold, it should be impact-resistant, heat-resistant. Typically, these irons are distinguished by the fact that their body is made of stainless steel.

  3. Temperature control. You should be able to easily change the temperature of the iron. To do this, pay attention to a steam or dry iron with a temperature controller.

  4. Flexibility of movement. In this sense, retractable cords will be more convenient. Some models of irons are even equipped with a cord that can rotate 360 ​​degrees. In addition, there are also wireless options.

  1. Weight. The best for clothes, according to the author, is an iron that weighs less than 1.5 kg. In addition, if you constantly iron a lot of things, then choose a model that is easier.

  2. Water tank capacity. The best choice would be a steam iron, the tank capacity of which will be 200-300 ml. In addition, it is best to buy irons with a transparent container.

  3. Technology. If possible, buy an iron with a functionautomatic self-cleaning (due to this, you do not have to constantly descale the iron), with an anti-drip system, with a water spray function. As for the steam supply, with the "Constant steam supply" function, 30 g / min is enough, and with the "Steam boost" function, 90 g / min.

  4. Auto-off function. This will prevent the possibility of a fire if you forget to turn off the iron.

  5. Warranty and price. The top brands will give you a 2-year warranty. If we talk about the price, then a steam and dry iron can cost 1000-10000 rubles, depending on the characteristics.