How to close all tabs in Safari on iPhone or iPad with iOS 10 or later

Finally in iOS 10 restrictions on the number of open tabs in the Safari browser have been removed. Now

user can open unlimitednumber of tabs. However, the lack of restrictions on their number often leads to chaos on the display. Too many users do not close unnecessary tabs until it is too late, after which they have to make a hundred clicks. Fortunately, there is an easier way. It does not lie not on the surface, but it still exists.

How to close all tabs in Safari

The fastest way is to open Safari, and then press and hold the tab view button in the lower right.

This activates the “Close Tabs” option. Click on it and all the tabs will close. Happened!

There is another way

If the user is already in the tab view and works with all open, he can press and hold the “Close” button to achieve the same result.

More features in iOS 10

IOS includes a significant amount of performance enhancing elements. The main one is mode Splari View in Safari on iPad.