How to close tabs by keyword in Safari for iPhone and iPad

If you always open many tabs in Safari on your iPhone or iPad, you need to know how to quickly close unnecessary ones.

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You can use search to findspecific sites among their tabs. In addition, the found tabs can be easily closed. Few people know about this little trick, although it is very convenient.

Below we describe how to close the tabs you were looking for in Safari.

How to close found tabs in Safari

one) Open up Safari on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

2) Press the button Tabs in the form of two intersecting squares.

3) Now spend way down on the screen to open the search bar on top of the screen.

four) Type in the search bar keyword. For example, we use the word "iPhone". When you enter your word, only those tabs that match the query will remain. The remaining tabs will not close, but only be hidden.

five) Now hold down the button Cancel. A window will appear on the screen where you need to confirm the closing of the tabs.

6) Choose an option Close x tabs that match the "...".

Few people know about this little trick, and yet it is very convenient to use it. Here is how it looks in action:

This method will close the tabs only on the device on which you use it. Even if you use synchronization, tabs on your other devices will not be closed.

In macOS, this method does not work.