How to configure AirPrint on Windows 7 iOS 8, iOS 7, iOS 9

Starting with iOS 4.2 Apple for all iPhone, iPad, iPod devices, a new Airprint function appeared in the firmware, allowing

send your documents to the printer via a wireless Wi-Fi network located on your local network, directly from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod mobile devices. Default very small
a number of printers support AirPrint technology; a list of them can be viewed on the official Apple website.

    • Printers with AirPrint support

This article will show an example of how to set up AirPrint on Windows 7 iOS 8, using an old HP LaserJet 1022 printer as an example.

1. Share the printer

First of all, it is necessary to make it available vianetwork printer through which we want to print documents from iOS devices. To do this, go to: START -> Devices and Printers, right-click on the desired printer (in our example, this is an HP LaserJet 1022 printer) and select “Printer Properties” . See fig. 1

rice. 1 Devices and Printers, Printer Sharing for AirPrint

Next, select the “Access” tab. and check the “Share this printer” checkbox. Leave the network name as default and click OK. See fig. 2

rice. 2 Share this printer

Printer preset is complete.

2. Install Bonjour Print

The latest version can be downloaded from the Apple website. Then install as a normal program, clicking “Next” everywhere.

3. Install the AirPrint service for Windows 7, 8

In order for our printer to be defined in yourWi-Fi network, you need to install AirPrint service on your computer. To do this, download the archive containing the installation file of this service and the reg-file for editing the registry for automatic launch of this service when the computer is turned on. Unpacking you will have three files:

  • AirPrint iOS FIX – 32Bit.reg
  • AirPrint iOS FIX – 64Bit.reg
  • AirPrint_Installer.exe

Right-click on *.reg file, depending on the bit depth of your operating system (64bit or 32bit) and select “Merge”. Windows will warn you that you are making changes to your computer's registry, click “Yes”. See fig. 3

rice 3 Windows warning about registry changes

Launch AirPrint_Installer.exe as administrator (right-click “Run as administrator” ). A program window will appear in front of you, in which click on the “Install Airprint Service” button. see Figure 4, then select the authentication type (AirPrint Auth), it is recommended to select “Use Guest Account” in order to print from your device in the future without entering a password each time. Please note that the Enable Guest Account checkbox is checked and the service will automatically start – “Service Starup-Auto” . Leave the rest of the settings as default, click the “Start” and close the program window, and then restart the computer.

fig.4 AirPrint Installer iOS 8

4. Enable user “Guest”

To avoid having to enter your password every time you print,on your device, you need to enable the guest account. To do this, go to: START-Control Panel-User Accounts-Manage another account-Select user “Guest” and turn it on. Next, press two keys “WIN”+”R” The “Run” window will appear. in which enter – netplwiz and click OK. In this window, uncheck the “Require username and password” box, then click OK. Restart your computer.

5. Connecting the printer on your iOS device

For example, let's print a note from the “Notes” application, which is available by default in all iOS firmware, including iOS 8, iOS 9.

rice 5 Printing notes via AirPrint iOS 8, iOS 9

Select the item “Print”

rice. 6 Printer menu iOS 8, iOS 9

Here we see our HP LaserJet 1022 printer, which was previously made available on the network.

rice 7 Printer selection

Click “Print” and we hear our printer begin to print a note.

At this setting is over. If you have any problems, try turning off the firewall or antivirus.

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