How to convert any video to view on iPhone

We will tell and show you how to change the format and reduce the video size using VideoProc

It was to look at the iPhone. We will also tell you how to get a free video editor license and win an iPhone XS Max or a Marshall column.

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Why do I need to convert video for iPhone?

It would seem that now almost anything can belook online or through streaming services — but what if there is no access to the Internet, or do you need to save traffic — for example, if you are preparing for a long trip?

In such situations, you have to download videoin advance - but such videos are not always played on the iPhone. And vice versa, videos shot on an iPhone are not always correctly played on a computer and in video editors. Possible reasons:

  • Files in formats like MKV, AVI and FLV are not readable on the iPhone, iPad and several other devices.
  • The HEVC codec does not work with older versions of QuickTime, Photos, Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Windows Media Player, Adobe.
  • Videos shot on iPhone at 4K @ 60fps are not smoothly played in players like VLC.
  • Videos shot on GoPro, digital cameras and drones are often not played on iPhone / iPad due to incompatible formats.
  • The iPhone may also not play music in some formats.

HEVC is a new video codec that is supportediPhone 7/7 Plus and older. Therefore, videos shot on new iPhones may not be played on old iPhones, as well as in some video players and programs.

In addition, often the original video “weighs”too much because the resolution is too high, which is higher than the screen of your iPhone. If you reduce the resolution of such a video, then its size will decrease - which means you will save space on your phone and you will not sacrifice video quality.

For example, in iPhone 7, the screen resolution is1334 x 750 pixels. That is, you will not notice the differences when watching a movie in 4K resolution (4096 × 3072) or 1334 x 750. At this location on the drive, the 4K version will take many more.

How to deal with it?

Video conversion allows you to adaptvideo for viewing on your device. For example, VideoProc video editor, which we have already told you before, supports over 420 presets for a huge number of devices (from iPhone, iPad and various models of Android smartphones to YouTube, Facebook and Instagram). Because of this, you do not need to make any settings manually: just select the desired video, specify what device you have, and the program will do everything for you.

VideoProc allows you to work with 4K video even onWeak computers thanks to the integrated video card acceleration technology. With this program you can easily convert video and audio of any format without loss of quality. In addition, as already mentioned, the editor has predefined profiles for exporting videos that you can play on your iPhone:

  • Convert MKV, FLV, AVI, etc. to MP4 or MOV, which are “readable” on Apple mobile devices.
  • Transfer audio files to AAC, MP3, AIFF, M4A for playback on your iPhone, iPad or iPad.
  • Convert video from digital camera, GoPro or drone to iPhone compatible format in one click.
  • Turn your favorite tracks into ringtones for the iPhone without complicated additional settings.
  • Convert video shot in HEVC to H.264 for viewing on older iPhones and iPads.

Later in this article we will show how to do it,and what additional features does the program offer in case you want to not only convert the video, but also make some changes to it - for example, remove the black bars from the top and bottom or add subtitles.

How to get VideoProc and iPhone XS Max for free

From January 11 to February 20, Digiarty, the developer of VideoProc, holds a rally in which you can get a licensed version of the program or other valuable prizes. Digiarty gives:

  • 1000 keys for MacX MediaTrans annual license daily
  • 6 mini tripods with phone holder Manfrotto PIXI Plus Mini
  • 2 columns Marshall Kilburn II
  • The main prize is 64GB iPhone XS Max

Keys are played daily, while the rest of the prizes will be drawn in two stages:

  • January 30 - 3 Manfrotto PIXI Plus Mini Tripod and Marshall Kilburn II Column
  • February 20 - 3 Manfrotto PIXI Plus Mini Tripod, Marshall Kilburn II Speaker and 64GB iPhone XS Max

The drawing will be conducted using a third-party randomizer site to ensure the most independent results.

On the stock page in a white box labeled Please enter valid email enter your valid email and press Enter to Win. If you are among the first 1000 participants per day, you will see a button to download the free version of the program. Click on Get Free Copy to start the download:

In addition, you are now in the drawtop prizes! You can increase your chances of winning, if you subscribe to Twitter and Facebook-accounts VideoProc, as well as share a link to the draw in these social networks.

How to convert video for iPhone to VideoProc

Now that you have the full version of the program, you can start working with video! Open the program and select the Video tab on the start screen.

After that, the program interface will open. Everything is quite simple and intuitive, even for a beginner. Unfortunately, the program is currently not available in Russian, so some users may experience problems using various functions of this editor and converter.

First you need to add files with which you will work. You can drag them to the white area, or use the buttons in the top panel:

  • Video - add video
  • Video folder - add a folder with a video (in case you have a DVD image or subtitles in a separate file)
  • Music - music or other audio files

Select the desired file on your computer and click Open (Open).

Video added! Now you can see its parameters (resolution, format, duration, etc.). Click on the Target Format button to configure the output format.

More than 420 different pre-installed in VideoProcprofiles, divided into categories. First select which category your device belongs to (Apple / Huawei / Samsung / Android / Sony, etc.). When converting to iPhone, select Apple Device.

Now select a specific model toThe program picked up the correct codec. Using the slider on the right side you can adjust the balance between quality and file size. The optimal balance is set by default, but in our case the source file is of rather poor quality, so we will improve it a little. Click Doneto save changes.

That's all! You can immediately press Run and convert the file, and you can edit the video or add subtitles.

How to add subtitles to video

Click Subtutle in the edit panel under the video.

A window will open in which you can choose one of two options:

  • Add Subtitle File - if you already have a file with subtitles (.SRT, .SUB, .SBV, etc.), select this option and tell the program where the desired file is located.
  • Search Subtitle - if you do not have a file with subtitles, you can click on this button and find them directly in the program (you need access to the Internet).

To download subtitles, select the desired tab (movies / TV series) in the upper part of the window, then enter the title and select the subtitle language (Russian is present). Click Search for searching.

Then select one of the options (the right side shows the number of downloads for each of them) and click Download.

This can be completed, but if you wish, you canalso change the font and text size. Be sure to check the box next to Enable to enable subtitles. You can also choose to insert subtitles, or save them as a separate file. If you want to view this file on your phone, we recommend stitching subtitles.

Click Doneto save changes.

VideoProc Editing

The program provides several other editing functions that may be useful to you:

Audio & Video - here you can rotate or flip the video horizontally, change the playback speed or adjust the audio if the sound is late or, conversely, is ahead of the video.

Effects - several filters and the ability to customize video colors manually.

Cut - cutting. The tool is great for cutting out screensavers and captions to reduce the size of the output video.

Crop - framing. With it, you can remove black frames around the video (if they are present in the original file) or add them if necessary, and also adjust to the desired aspect ratio or scale the image. Tick ​​near Enable Cropto make changes.

Watermark - watermark. Write the text you want, adjust the font and size and select where to place it on the screen.


As soon as you make all the changes thatwanted can be exported. We have already done all the settings at the beginning, so now you just need to make sure that you enable graphics / processor acceleration using technology Hardware Acceleration Engine. After that click Runto start exporting.

That's all! It remains only to wait for the end of the render. In our case, it took less than 5 minutes to convert videos for 1.5 hours on a MacBook Air.

The resulting video can be sent to the iPhone (for example, via AirDrop) and watch without an internet connection.

Recall that you can get this program for free only until February 20, so if you need an iPhone video converter, take part in the drawing of the licensed version!