How to create and use smart folders on Mac

Smart folders in Finder on Mac are convenient for automatically sorting files into folders. It saves time, reduces

risk losing data and helps you work more productively.

If you're wondering how to create and use smart folders, read on.

how to create smart-folder

To start, open Finder on your mac. Then select the menu File > New smart folder.

When the window with a smart folder opens, select the source of the files, for example, This Mac. Then click plus sign right to add attributes.

Sort by file type

The first set of criteria is Type of the file. You can select a program, document, folder, image, etc.

Suppose you need a special folder for all your presentations. In this case, select the type of "Presentation".

After that, when you create a presentation, you can open it in this folder no matter where you save it.

Sort by date

If you do not want to use type as a criterion, you can select other options. You sort the files by date created, last used or last modified.

This is convenient to quickly find yourrecent files. In this case, select “Last Opening Date”. In the next menu, you can select "Yesterday" to always have access to the files for the previous day.

Through this folder, you can open all your files that you used the day before.

Sort by name

Another sorting option - Name. Files such as the one you select will appear in this folder.

For example, you can select the word “work” to access all your work files. In the first menu, select "Name", then "Combined with", and in the last - "work".

Now all files with the word “work” in their names will be displayed in this folder.

Sort by content

You can choose another option - Content. For example, you need a folder related to taxes, and the word itself is not always contained in the file name. In this case, select the sort by content.

Other types of sorting

If none of the options above does not suit you, you can select from the menu Other. After that, a window opens with a mass of additional criteria. Among them are album, title, link, authors, etc. Next to each of them will be a description.

Check the box next to the attributes to add them to the available options. Then select one of them and fill in the details.

Combining Criteria

A single set of criteria may be sufficient, but it happens that the sorting must be more specific.

We use for example a smart folder with presentations. For example, we only need presentations created in the last month. In this case, you need to add another criterion - the date.

1) Select Type of > Presentation.

2) Click plus sign on the right to add another attribute.

3) Select date of creation for last 1 months.

This is just one of many possible options for combining attributes for a smart folder. You can experiment using different sets. Criteria can be not only two, but more.

If you want to remove some criterion, just click minus icon on right.

How to save a smart folder

When you add all the necessary attributes for your smart folder, click Save in the upper right corner. You will need to enter the name of the folder and choose where to save it. You can add it to the Sidebar Finder. After that, click again Save.

Smart folders can be very useful, the main thing is to know how to use them!