How to delete photo albums on iPhone, iPad and Mac

Sometimes you need to delete an entire album in the Photos app.

There is no need to store them, and this way you will also free up memory on the device.

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Below we describe how to delete albums in the Photos application on the iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Delete albums oniphone AndiPad

Open the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad and follow the steps below.

1)SelectAlbumsin the navigation bar below.

2)Next to the titleMy albumsclickSee all.

3)Now clickTo rulein the upper-right corner.

four)Clickminus iconin a red circle on the album you want to delete.

five)In the window that appears, clickDelete album.

6)When you're done, clickIs done.

Deletion of albums onMac

Open Photo on Mac and follow the steps below.

1)On the left, select the album you want to delete.

2)Right-click on the album.

3)In options selectDelete album.

four)In the window that appears, click againDelete.

  • If you have iCloud synchronization enabled, then the deleted album will disappear from all devices.
  • Images from the album will continue to be displayed in other albums and in your photo stream.

If you have a lot of unnecessary albums, it's time to get rid of them!