How to disable auto-brightness on iOS 11 and iOS 12

Previously, auto-brightness could be disabled in the Screen and brightness section and easily adjusted manually in the Item

management. On iOS 11 and iOS 12, the feature was moved to the Accessibility section.

On iOS 11 and iOS 12, auto brightness is enabled bydefault It can still be changed on the slider in the new control point, but when the situation changes, the function will work and change the brightness level on your device.

Apple strongly recommends not to disableauto brightness The function is hidden deep in the settings, and under it there is also a warning that "Turning off auto-brightness can shorten battery life."

It seems that Apple has finally improved the system toto such an extent that it can adjust the brightness of the screen for any situation and, accordingly, save battery power. And more charge is always good.

How to turn off auto brightness

But there is a possibility that auto brightness will not work properly on your device. Or you just like to adjust the brightness yourself.

In this case, it can be disabled.

Step 1: OpenSettingsand go toMain.

Step2: SelectUniversal access.

Step 3: Next, go toDisplay adaptation.

Step 4: And disable hereAuto brightness.