How to disable AutoCorrect in Microsoft Word on Mac

If you use Microsoft Word on a Mac, you may have noticed that it aggressively corrects your mistakes.

The function will work in the program even if you disable auto-correction in Mac OS through System Preferences.

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AutoCorrect is one of the functions that you either adore or hate. If you don't like it, read on to learn how to turn it off.

How to disable AutoCorrect inWordonMac

  1. Start Microsoft Word if you have not done it yet.
  2. From the menu bar, selectService &gt; AutoCorrect.

3. Uncheck the box next toAutomatically correct spelling and formatting as you type.

4. Close the settings and use Word as usual.

Now Word will not automatically fixyour mistakes. If you often make typos, it is better not to disable the function. However, the decision is yours. You can also change the advanced AutoCorrect settings.

It may seem strange that in Microsoft Wordits own automatic correction system, independent of Mac OS, but this is a common thing. Apple also has similar systems. You can turn off autocorrection in Pages, TextEdit, Mail, etc.

We talked about the way for the Mac, but it will probably be similar for Windows and even iOS.