How to disable autoplay video on YouTube homepage

By default, in the YouTube app for the iPhone and iPad, videos on the main page are automatically played. At first

starts playing top video without sound and with subtitles.

This feature can be disabled to save battery power and traffic. Below we will explain how to do this.

the autoplay feature on the main page was only available on YouTube Premium, and now
everyone has it in version 14.0 and newer. To find out the current version of the application,
click on your profile in the upper right corner of the screen, go to Settings and
find the version number at the bottom.

allows you to briefly find out what the video is about as you scroll through the tape. So
This makes it easier to decide whether to watch it or not. It is not very distracting,
because the sound is turned off.

disable auto play video in Safari on Mac

With another
hand, due to automatic video playback, traffic is consumed faster
mobile internet.

turn off autoplay video in Chrome

How to disable autoplay video on YouTube

one) Open application YouTube on your device with iOS.

2) Select your profile at
top right.

3) Go to Settings.

four) Select Autoplay on the main page.

The function may not be available at all, since it appears gradually.

five) Choose one of the options:

  • Play videos with any
    Internet connectivity.
  • Play video only
    via wifi.
  • Disable Autoplay
    on the home page.

6) Now you can exit the settings.

When the video on the main page starts automatically, on
A special icon appears in the lower right corner.

the main page does not depend on the main function of autoplay on YouTube,
which automatically turns on recommended videos after the review has been completed.

There are
when it is better not to use autoplay, especially if you
Watch videos through the mobile Internet. You can either disable the feature.
completely, or use it only when connected to Wi-Fi.

less, the function really helps decide whether you want to watch the video
completely or not.