How to disable iPad auto lock

Many iPad users do not know how to turn off the automatic screen lock. Actually do it

can be extremely simple - through the iOS settings.

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For those who are not up to date: iPad automatically locks and turns off the screen after a short inactivity. This helps to conserve battery power, as well as protect the tablet from strangers who have to enter a password to unlock it. All of this is good, but some users lack the standard runtime without blocking. Often this can interfere while cooking a recipe from the screen or following some instructions.

It is important to distinguish between automatic screen offand automatic brightness reduction, which occurs depending on the lighting. You can also disable the latter if you want; note that the desired setting has changed the layout in iOS 11.

How to disable autolock and turn off iPad screen

In modern versions of iOS, you can disable or configure automatic screen lock in the following way:

  1. Open the Settings app.

  2. Select “Screen and Brightness” and press “Auto Lock”.

  3. Choose the appropriate value:
    • Never (completely disables automatic screen lock);
    • 2 minutes;
    • 5 minutes;
    • 10 minutes;
    • 15 minutes.

To completely turn off screen auto-lock,select "Never", but in this case, you will have to lock the iPad screen each time using the shutdown and lock buttons. This can violate the security of the device, because if you forget to lock the iPad, anyone can use it whenever they want.

The smart solution for many users -screen off after 10 or 15 minutes. This time is enough to keep in mind instructions, notes or a recipe, but at the same time, your tablet or phone does not become completely unprotected.

If you are using an older version of iOS, the described setting is located in the “General” section, and not “Screen and brightness”.

In addition, it is also available on iPhone and iPod Touch, although there is less need for it there.