How to disable the Today screen on a locked device

Comfortable widgets are displayed on the Today screen on your iPhone or iPad. With it, you can quickly

find out the weather, the charge level of your devices, use a calculator and much more. However, on a locked device, you can disable it in order not to activate it by accident.

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If you rarely go to the Today screen, below we will tell you how to disable it on a locked device.

how disable screen "Today"

one) Open application Settings and select Touch ID and passcode.

2) Enter your password.

3) Scroll to section Screen lock access and turn off the switch next to Today.

You will notice that you can also turn off the Notification Center, Siri, Control Point and other functions on the locked device.

How to remove widgets

It is impossible to completely disable the Today screen, but you can remove all widgets from it so as not to be distracted by them.

one) Open the screen Todayscroll down and click Change.

2) Press on minus next to each widget and then click Delete. Do this with all the widgets.

3) Now click Is done.

After that, the Today screen will become empty.

The Today screen can be very useful, but, alas, not all users like it.