How to edit PDFs on iPhone and iPad in PDFelement

The whole world still revolves around PDFs. Most documents in offices around the world are distributed in

PDF format. But what if you are not at home, and there is no way to open a document on a PC to make changes to it? For such cases, there is a special application for iPhone and iPad - PDFelemet.

Download: Pdfelement (is free)

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How to edit Pdf at Pdfelement

Editing text in the PDFelement application is very easy. Open it and click on the icon. T in the tools. All text is highlighted with a border. Click where you want in the frame that appears to activate the cursor. The size of the text area can be changed. A keyboard will appear and you can edit the text as you like.

Opening a PDF in PDFelement is very easy. You can import files from anywhere using the “share” menu. In addition, the application supports synchronization through Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and Box. It also has Wi-Fi transmission.

Here you can do more. Click on the pen icon and the editor will open. Choose a color and you can highlight, underline or cross out any recognized text. The option to select text is very convenient.

To create a new area with text, click onT icon. If you click on the pencil icon, the document will turn into an easel, and you can draw anywhere. To add a comment, click on the icon with the message icon.

Other functions

PDFelement is very convenient to store andconvert pdf files. You can export them in 9 different formats, including Word, HTML, ePub and plain text. In the application, you can also combine files, extract some parts from them, rotate pages, etc.

If you often have to work with PDF files, the PDFelement application will be your salvation. It is available for both iOS and Android for free.

If you want even more features for editing files on a Mac or Windows PC, download PDFelement 6! Follow this link

Download: Pdfelement (is free)