How to enable Messages in iCloud on iOS 11.4 and macOS 10.13.5

In this guide, we will explain how to enable Message Sync on iCloud in iOS 11.4, macOS 10.13.5 and later.

For the first time

Apple introduced iCloud Messagingat last year’s WWDC conference, but after that it was added only in the beta version of iOS 11, and then removed before the release of the final ones. In beta versions of iOS 11.3, the function returned again and finally came out publicly with the release of the final version of iOS 11.4, which can be downloaded now.

The essence of the Message feature in iCloud is obvious. With it, your messages will be synchronized on all your devices through iCloud storage. Below is more about how to enable the function on your device.

How to enable Messages in iCloud

Step 1: Download and install iOS 11.4.

Step 2: Go to Settingschoose your Apple IDand then click iCloud. Here, just click on the switch next to Messagesso that it turns green.

Step 3: You can skip this step if you have already enabled two-factor authentication. Otherwise, it will need to be configured.

Step 4: That's all!

If you have a Mac with macOS 10.13.5, the system itself will offer to enable the function after you activate it on an iOS device. If this does not happen, go to the settings of the Messages program and enable it yourself in the accounts section.