How to enable the "Hi Siri" feature on Mac

Mac users can turn on the Hey Siri feature on their computer to activate virtual

assistant by voice command. They will then be able to interact with Siri with just one voice, without pressing any buttons. Below we will tell you how to enable the feature on Mac.

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The feature only works in modern versions of MacOS.

How to enable "Hey"Siri" onMac

  1. From the menu bar, select logoApple &gt; System Settings.
  2. Select hereSiri.

  1. Check the box next toListen to "Hello,Siri.
  2. ClickContinueto start the setup process.
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions. You will need to repeat a few phrases.

  1. When finished setting, clickIs doneand close settings.

Now you can use the “Hi,Siri on Mac. It works just like on the iPhone and on the iPad. Just say the command next to your Mac, and Siri will start listening to you. You can learn from the assistant time or weather, and much more.

Most commands for the iPhone and iPad will work on the Mac, but not all. Funny teams work on the computer. For example, you can ask an assistant to tell you a joke or read a beatbox.

For some users, this feature on a Mac seems useless, while others will be delighted with it. In any case, it is very easy to turn it on and off.

Note that if the feature is enabled on multipledevices, one team, you can activate the assistant at once on several of them. This can be annoying. Siri on Mac can be activated by clicking on the menu bar or using a keyboard shortcut.