How to fix ‘provision.cpp: 150’ error in Cydia Impactor when jailbreak iOS 10 - iOS 10.2 using Yalu

Cydia Impactor is a tool that allows you to install non-officially certified iOS applications on your iPhone.

Installing the Yalu jailbreak for iOS 10 - iOS 10.2 using Cydia Impactor is possible, but there are a number of problems.

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One of the common mistakes in Cydia Impactor is ‘Provision.cpp: 150’. It appears in the request for a special password. An error is displayed if you have two-step Apple ID authentication enabled. To fix the error, you need to generate a special password and use it instead of the usual one when working in Cydia Impactor.

To familiarize yourself with the error correction procedure, see the following detailed instructions.

How to fix ‘provision.cpp: 150’ error in Cydia Impactor

Step 1: Open this page using Safari or another browser and log in using your Apple ID.

Step 2: Find the "Security" section and click "Edit."

Step 3: Find the special password section and generate a new one.

Step 4: Give the password a name - something like “YaluJailbreal” and click on the “Create” button.

Step 5: Copy the new password.

Step 6: Now, at the request of Cydia Impactor, enter the Apple ID password, use the password obtained in the previous paragraphs.

Thanks to the password you created, Cydia Impactorwill no longer display a “provision.cpp: 150” error. If you ever disable two-factor authentication for your account, you will have to use a regular password in Cydia Impactor instead of a specially generated one.

If the above method does not help you, there is an alternative solution: temporarily disable two-factor authentication, install the Yalu jailbreak and enable it again.

If you have any problems, please report them in the comments below.

If you encounter another common error of the form CPP: 158 on the Windows operating system, you will find a handy guide for resolving it:

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