How to generate the maximum amount of antibodies

Immunologist Nikolai Kryuchkov said that the production of the maximum amount of antibodies from COVID-19 depends on

vaccines and their administration regimens.

It's one thing when we rush after 14 days, it's another thing if after 21 days. In the latter case, say, the probability that the level of antibodies reaches the maximum value is higher

Nikolay Kryuchkov, Immunologist

According to the doctor, people under 60 produce more antibodies than the elderly. However, it is important that the person does not have chronic diseases or immunodeficiency.

Kryuchkov added that the higher the antibody titer, the greater the protection against coronavirus, but the maximum level has not yet been established.

Earlier, he spoke about the disappearance of antibodies inrecovered from COVID-19. According to Kryuchkov, ten percent of those who have undergone coronavirus do not produce enough antibodies to protect themselves from infection.

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Source: Moscow 24