How to get rid of Electra jailbreak traces in iOS 12 backup

You have upgraded to iOS 12 but the bank client does not allow you to make money transfers, swearing on jailbreak

? Then this article is for you.

If you have ever used jailbreak, thenyou probably know that with the jailbreak launched, banking applications will in every way impede the transfer of money to your friends and electronic wallets. So for example, the most popular bank in Russia - Sberbank restricts transfers, allowing only transfers between its accounts.



Of course, all this is done for security reasons,since a device with a jailbreak potentially has more vulnerabilities than a stock device. But even in this case, there are ways to circumvent these restrictions; earlier we wrote an article on how to bypass the limitations of Sberbank on devices with jailbreak.

There was always the easiest way - upgrade tothe last available iOS, thereby getting rid of the jailbreak and enjoy the work of the banking application as before. But what to do if you upgraded to iOS 12 on top of the Electra jailbreak, then restored the device from backup and launched Sberbank in the hope of transferring money to someone. And suddenly you see that Sberbank swears again - “You are using the iPhone with Jailbreak. For your safety, this feature has been disabled ... ” But how? After all, I upgraded to iOS 12, for which jailbreak does not yet exist?

In general, the whole point is that when you hadjailbreak your iPhone backed up the entire file system of the phone and jailbreak files (Cydia, etc.) got there. And now when you restore this copy to a clean device with iOS 12, jailbreak traces appear in the file system. Next I will show the method how to get rid of jailbreak traces from a backup of your iPhone or iPad.

How to edit an iPhone or iPad backup

  1. First you need to make a backup copy to your computer, and for this in iTunes settings switch to “This computer”.
  2. Make a new backup by clicking “Create backup now.” This will take some time, depending on the size of the device’s internal memory.
  3. Download iBackupBot, it works on both Windows and macOS.
  4. Launch iBackupBot, the program will automatically find all backups on the computer.
  5. Select the last backup you just made.
  6. Now on the left in the list, open the System Files folder and write “Cydia” in the search.
  7. Delete all found files.
  8. Repeat the search for all remaining folders and if there are similar files there, delete them.
  9. Then close iBackupBot
  10. Go to iTunes and restore to the latest backup.
  11. After these steps, you should not have any jailbreak traces in the backup. You can verify this by running a bank client, such as Sberbank, and perform a test transfer.

If the money is successfully transferred, then you dideverything is correct and there are no more jailbreak marks on the phone. And for the future, remember, before upgrading to the latest version of iOS with iOS with jailbreak - delete it, for example, there are several tools for Electra to uninstall. About how to remove jailbreak using SemiRestoreeleven/Rollectra we wrote earlier.